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Post  Sin on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:54 am

You Know We Are [KewL]

1. Guild Name
You Know We Are [KewL]

2. Screen shots of roster

3. What areas do you do
Me or my guildmates? Well i'm based EotN SC'er like few of my mans but we can also UW and FoWsc.

4. What is your primary focus
Speed Clear's. I prefer FoWsc and EotN. We are small so far but we will do everything.

5. What areas do you want to learn
UWSC terras and Trenchway all Razz

6. How did you hear about us
From - Nightmares Advocate.

7. How many members will be able to use ventrilo for runs although not required
Well i think all. Wink But i can't asure it. I can Very Happy

8. What are the rules for trolling, raging, etc within your guild and what actions do you take when such a situation arises?
Trolling doesn't have place in my guild so far. Rage Quit: first - warn, second - kick.


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You Know We Are [KewL] Empty Re: You Know We Are [KewL]

Post  Fayour Sky on Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:48 pm

The one thing that scares me is your numbers, The activity seems like it could be a little better, Plus we are kurzick. If you are willing to switch over thats fine. But my question is how fast are you growing, how are you recruiting? I want to see a bit more members and activity within your guild before I can /accept. Other than that it seems pretty legit!
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